… gets squared

Pushing the experimental edges of things, on Saturday August 6, The Little Con goes something like this:

An audience sits in two adjacent lines, forming a cross shape which divides the space into four quadrants. Peter Fraser, Fiona Bryant, Alice Cummins and Tony Yap each curate forty-five minutes of performance in their quadrant of the space. None of the curators know what to expect from the other curators.

Audience can focus on one quadrant, swap their focus between quadrants, or try to take in the whole space. Each curator’s beginning time is staggered by five minutes, so the space slowly fills with activity, one quadrant at a time, until all the quadrants are busy, then slowly quietens until all are the quadrants are empty. What happens in between is for the audience and performers to negotiate in real time.

See you there. Upstairs at Dancehouse – 150 Princes St. North Carlton – Saturday August 6 @7pm with performers:

Emma Bathgate, Brendan O’Connor, Tony Yap, Lucy Farmer, Fiona Bryant, Peter Fraser, Kathleen Doyle, Alexandra Harrison, Jonathan Sinatra, Gretel Taylor, Alice Cummins and a mystery guest or two.

All tickets $10.

Dancehouse (Upstairs)
150 Princes Street, North Carlton
Saturday August 6th at 7pm




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