Café Urgency

Café Urgency
Concept/Direction: David Lakein

A performance event, a salon happening and an instance of community: a little bit lounge room, a little bit cabaret club, a little bit John Cage’s Musicircus.

At Café Urgency we’ll all be in the kitchen together. At Café Urgency there’s no such thing as too many cooks. The idea is to create a loose and social atmosphere in which performers, audience and everyone present explores the ideas of the evening together.

What Urgency do we have in our lives? Which pressing ideas, compelling needs, burning desires fill a day? Which insistent thoughts, driving wishes, forceful longings span a lifetime?

Our delectable menu of musings, meditations and magnificent imaginations will provide bite-sized morsels and overlapping slabs of creative sustenance to suit all tastes: song, sound, spoken word, dance, music, live art, installation. A mellifluous mélange of artistry, ingenuity, urgency and spontaneity!

To accompany the impressive array of Melbourne?s superfine performing artists and audience, we also bring you artist priced bevvies from the beloved Bev’s Bar.

The Little Con presents Café Urgency

At The Substation, 1 Market Street, Newport
Friday 6 May 7.30pm – 11pm
Bar open 7pm

Bookings and enquiries: or 0416 362 688

PS. new website coming soon! promise.

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