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The Overview

Change and excitement is in the air – it’s all happening at The Little Con in 2011. After more than six years of monthly performances at Cecil St Studio, The Little Con is moving out into the wider world – or, at least, to greater Melbourne and regional Victoria.

In 2008 The Little Con began curating special events that brought a giddying rush of electricity to the nervous systems of performers and audiences alike. Now, in 2011, the planets re-align, and these experimental events rule our future horizon. The Little Con’s previous incarnation as ten Friday nights a year at Cecil St Studio is gone. Instead, five fantabulously conceived extra special events in a variety of locations throughout the year will take their place. There will also be a couple of student nights, to give the young guns a chance to make their mark in the world of improvisation. Beyond that you’ll have to wait for details via email and facebook released a month in advance of each painstakingly considered, passionately curated, custom made, more out-there than ever before, bigger than Ben Hur event.

The line up for the year will be curated by The Little Con collective, who sadly bid farewell – only temporarily we hope – to the mercurial Dianne Reid, who’s gone to dwell closer to family in Adelaide.

Joining our ranks is the ubiquitous David Corbet – long term ‘State of Flux‘ member and Conundrum performer, founding editor of ‘Proximity‘ magazine, composer, and now Doctor of Medicine. He joins the rest of the extraordinarily highly qualified team of regulars who are:

The incredible, the spectacular Shaun McLeod – lecturer in dance at Deakin University responsible for training and educating generations of unbelievably talented young dancers, performers and improvisers. He’s a master, a maker, a performer, a teacher, a father and more.

Ann-Maree Ellis has seen it all in improvisation – from Trotman and Morrish, through Conundrum and The Little Con. A brilliantly gifted long time contactor, talented improvisation teacher, one time editor of ‘Proximity,’ and established solo performer, there’s not much she can’t do.

There’s two more Doctors in the team – but only one could save you if you needed it, the other would only confuse you. That’s Paul Romano – he has a PhD in dance improvisation and the micro-processes of attention from Victoria University. Choreographer, performer, writer, improviser, dedicated yogi and general tactile tripper, he’s the man to turn to if you need a strategy, a score, a focus, a thought, or a confusing combination of the lot to try and dance with.

Rounding out the team is the indispensably versatile Dr Grace Walpole – able to move from medical clinic to performance venue, warming up in transit, to deliver purely profound poetry in motion. From highly acclaimed choreographies, to genre defying lecture demonstrations and non-fiction performance, she can dance, she can write, she can even save your life, but only if you subscribe to The Little Con mailing list and remain a supporter – or colleague or friend or lover or…

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