27 August 2010
[title]   The August Little Con - Unhung
[curator]   Shaun McLeod

The votes may be in but is anything certain? If you're in favour of a little reliable uncertainty, vote with your feet and join us post election at the August Little Con. After months of wild and wayward experimentation the Little Con this month returns to its roots with solos and duets from seasoned improvisers. Guests Kim Sargent-Wishart, Melissa Jones and Claudia Garbe (Berlin) join the regular candidates of Dianne Reid, Ann-maree Ellis, Grace Walpole and Shaun McLeod for short, focused improvisations from people who really will ‘move forward’ with you.

[performers]   Shaun McLeod, Dianne Reid, Grace Walpole, Ann-maree Ellis, Kim Sargent-Wishart, Melissa Jones & Claudia Garbe.
[writings]   Response by Sophie Darling [pdf]  
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