28 May 2010
[title]   It's a Group Thing
[curator]   Shaun McLeod
    This month’s Little Con focuses on group improvisation with feisty cohorts of performers doing feats of impossible anticipation. There is also a heady mingling of the old with the new, with dance students from the VCAM and Deakin University joining regular Little Con performers.
[performers]   Olivia Millard, Gemma Laing, Sydney Smith, Elanor Webber and Rhiannon Ferris
Alana Everett, Beth Lane and Rachel Heller-Wagner
Timothy Walsh and Briarna Longville
Leif Helland, Natalie Jacobs and Robert Brassington
Paul Romano, Ann-maree Ellis, Grace Walpole and Shaun McLeod
[writings]   A Group Of Solos by Olivia Millard [pdf]
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